Escape before things fall apart

“One of the more fascinating phenomena to observe in modern society is that of people with limited life experience, inadequate vocabulary and delusional thinking attempting to understand, navigate and explain reality to themselves and others.”Walt F.J. Goodridge

When people who don’t know how the world works
start to work in the world,
the world no longer works as it should

When people who don’t know why policies are enacted
start to enact policy,
ideology steers policy

When people who don’t understand why laws are made
start to make laws,
laws become toothless

When people who don’t know how jobs function
are hired to function in jobs,
incompetence abounds

When people who don’t understand the natural order
try to re-order what’s natural,
feelings replace facts

When people who’ve never been held accountable
face ethical decisions,
ethics are abandoned

When people who’ve failed based on merit
are allowed to advance,
self-entitlement soars

When people who can’t define the words they use
speak from positions of influence,
words lose their meaning

When people who prioritize opinions over facts
are given control,
opinions become reality

When systems that prioritize quotas over quality
are placed in operation,
systems implode

When people who don’t respect others’ individual authority
are given authority over others,
authority becomes authoritarianism

When people who never learned how a society advances
advance in society,
society regresses

When people of limited life experience and intelligence
rise to positions of governance,
Idiocracy ensues

In other words…
When people who don’t know how things work
start to work on things
…things fall apart



2 replies on “Escape before things fall apart”

This is amazing.

Written like the words of a poet but with the force and strength of armour that protects those who are driven by curiosity from those who are comfortable with limited freedom and limited options.

Likewise, your comment is eloquently expressed with the keen understanding of language that allows those who possess it to deftly navigate the nuanced minefield of our society’s political divisions.

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