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[Saipan Living] Early Morning Beach Run

[Saipan Living] Where are YOU at 6:00am on an average day? Well, I was testing my GoPro’s stabilization function during one of my early morning beach runs on Saipan, so I can improve future videos! Let me know what you think:


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20,000 Strays on Saipan??? An unplanned interview courtesy of Jim & Barbara!

I recently dropped off a donation to the Saipan Humane Society in the name of Relic Hunter Fabian Indalecio (with special thanks to recent Saipan visitors, Jim & Barbara Foster).

Barbara, Jim & Fabian

While there, my friend, volunteer and animal-lover, Yumiko Naka Brundidge, stepped out of the operating room, saw me and invited me to observe a spaying being performed by Whitney Collins, a visiting, volunteer doctor from Missouri by way of Costa Rica. This impromptu interview gives a little insight into the stray dog/cat situation on Saipan, how you can help if this is something you care about, and how your donations of money and/or gifts to the organization are utilized. (Contact information is in the video description)






Follow Your Bliss | A Journey of a Thousand Shorts begins now!

AN INVITATION: My full “Many Me,” minimalist, vegan, nomad, cheapskate adventure from Saipan to Guam to Macau to Cambodia is being released as “A Journey of a Thousand Shorts” (60seconds each with unseen video, photos & commentary) on the (PLEASE SUBSCRIBE) Jamaican in China Youtube channel . Each episode features a unique Walt’s Travel Life Rhyme, starting with #1: “Follow Bliss!” (Watch until the end to hear me perform it!)

#1 – Follow Bliss
I’m off to see the world
with just a suitcase and a smile
And crossing many borders
may not see you for a while

But if and when you think of me
my friend, remember this:
Don’t follow crowds, don’t follow fads
Look inward. Follow bliss!