Ask a Farmer

Midnight Slaughter on Saipan

No, it’s not a war movie about the Battle of Saipan. Farmer Patrick received a late afternoon call on Saturday requesting a cow for a feast the next day. He agreed, called the Bangladeshi brothers Farid and Amin to assist, and gave me a call to watch the process,

Waiting with Farid (left) and Amin(right)…and the cows
By nightfall, the customer arrives to approve the choice
Curious cows find stash of grass in Farid’s trunk!
Farmer Patrick explains the origin and points out the unique features of the Senepol variety of cow on Saipan
Brings back memories of growing up in Jamaica
A calf gets some attention from Patrick
Let the slaugher begin!
Secured to posts and trees…
The neck is slit and blood drained
The skinning process begins…(Incidentally, the carnivore customer departed. The vegan blogger stayed.)
…while family members look on…
Quarters, neck, head, intestines and blood are bagged, placed in coolers for delivery to the customer shortly thereafter…
A closer look

More details in the full video. Here’s a sneak preview: