Relocation Q&A

Considering relocating to Saipan? Here’s your one stop shop

“re: relocating…..could you direct me to how would I find out more about that?…If there is a website that would be a one-stop-shopping for this kind of information (a “SO YOU WANT TO LIVE ON SAIPAN” sort of site), that would work perfectly.”—recent email

That’s typical of the inquiries I’ve received over the past 10plus years. And, it just so happens I do know of such a resource! So, just in case you or someone you know are considering relocating to Saipan, CNMI and have questions:

(a) I have a Saipan Living Relocation Guide and a companion website at that answers questions about cost of living, health care, entry requirements, taxes, lifestyle and more! Amazon:

(b) I have growing series of “Saipan Living” as well as “Relocation Q&A” videos on the DiscoverSaipan Youtube channel! Here are some recent topics:


Streets of Saipan

Streets of Saipan: Kagman Fire Station #5 to Joeten

Everybody on board! Featuring

“Ngang upwe Fen Ekkepen”
by Tboi featuring Honeyboii, an artist from
Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia

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Relocation Q&A

Q&A: How do locals feel about outsiders moving to Saipan?

@ApauHawaiiTours asked, “How do locals feel about outsiders moving to Saipan?”¬† I’m not “local,” but here’s my take: