A World War II Story in Photos (by a previous tour client!)

     One of the coolest aspects of doing these tours on Saipan & Tinian is getting to share these islands with folks interested in a wide range of types of tourism including Atomic Tourism, War Tourism, Ecotourism, Thano Tourism (look it up!), Pacific island culture, historical sites, abandoned buildings and more!

     I’ve been fortunate to hang out with geologists, bird watchers, nuclear physicists, foamers (yep, look it up!), and of course war buffs and authors. A few years ago, I had the pleasure of giving Fred G. Brems a two-day battlefield tour of Saipan and going in search of Hara-Kiri Gulch. (Fred gifted me the topographic map and Campaign in the Marianas by Philip A. Crowl he brought with him and that we used in our adventure and that I’ve since used to enhance the detailed nature and accuracy of my tours! Thanks, Fred!) See Fred’s tour below.

     Little did I know at the time that Fred was already several years into an 18-year project chronicling his father’s participation in World War II. We’ve kept in touch over the years and so I’ve had on-going behind-the-scenes access during the writing and development!

     So, it is with great pride that I announce that Fred’s almost two-decade project and ode to his WWII veteran father has been picked up and published by Stackpole Books! (See press release & below)

     Knights of Freedom With the Hell on Wheels Armored Division in World War II, A Story in Photos by Lt. Col. Frederick C. Brems USAR (RET) With Fred G. Brems was released worldwide on January 16th, 2024! Check it out and order on Amazon:




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