Annapolis Group DAYS 4 & 5-Scuba Diving!

“Fishguyz were SUPERB. Really wonderful. I highly recommend them to other divers – and I am picky!”M from Maryland                                                                    

As word spread around the island of the group’s presence, Pat Calvo called to inform me that JM Guerrero, farmer and businessman who was once a Marianas Visitor Authority executive, sent a gift for the team: a full color souvenir book titled A Pictoral View of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands published by J.M. & Associates & Island Business Solutions back in 1994!

Pat delivered the books to me, and I met up with the group this morning to hand them their collector’s item souvenir and to see them off for their scuba diving adventure with FishGuyzScuba!

“Thanks, JM!”

FishGuyz on the scene!

The following photos were provided by Sydney Takahashi of FishGuyzScuba:

“We loved them. They’re a fun team. They listened and were willing to learn!”Sydney Takahashi, FishGuyzScuba

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