Discover the history and the mystery of Saipan!

 The Saipan PLUS Tinian TWO-DAY Tour


On Day 1, we’ll start at 8:30am and provide your customized tour of Saipan including, but not limited to:


Landing Beaches


Forbidden Island

Banzai Cliff

Suicide Cliff

Bird Island


Last Command Post

and much more!


Tinian is Saipan's sister island and is the site from where the Enola Gay and Bockscar took off on their fateful Hiroshima and Nagasaki attack missions.

Here's how the day typically goes:
• 6:15am: hotel pickup and drive to commuter airport
• 7:00am departure and 11 minute flight to Tinian
• 7:15-1:00noon: five+-hour tour
• 1:30pm departure to return to Saipan
• Hotel drop off or see more of Saipan

It would be a shame as well as simply a missed opportunity to come all the way across the world to Saipan, to be so close, and not set foot on the soil of the island from which the Enola Gay took off on its fateful trips to Hiroshima and Nagasaki on missions that changed the course of human history. Experience the stark contrast that exists between then and now (Tinian airfield was the busiest airfield during the entire war), and how this now eerily quiet, remote little piece of rock is fading in people's memories when it is of such critical significance to human history.

You will be taken to the main historical sites on Tinian: the bomb pits, the runway from which the Enola Gay took off; The "North Field" which holds significant Japanese and American historical artifacts. You will also see and touch life-sized replicas of the atomic bombs, "Fat Man" and "Little Boy." You will also take a trip into the village to see the cultural sites, the House of Taga (legendary chief of modern day Chamorro); and the sites of the largest latte stone pillars in existence as well as Shinto shrines.

View of the four runways from the air on the flight in
• Japanese buildings still standing
• Shinto shrines from the Japanese era (very few exist outside of Japan)
• Memorials
• RUNWAY ABLE (we drive on Runway Able, and you can film the experience)'
• Bomb Assembly Area
• Air Administration Building
• Air Operations Building
• Bomb Wing Memorials
• Landing Craft
• Hidden relics
• Modern Life on Tinian
• House of Taga (Ancient Chamorro latte stone site)
• Replicas of Little Boy and Fat Man
• Seabees Monument
• Homing Tower,
• Suicide Cliff
• Camp Chulu (where all the residents were held captive by the US after the Battle of Tinian) and other relics, sites and natural beauty!

Yes, there's a lot to actually see, touch and walk through. However, what's less tangible, and harder to describe in an email is the aspect of your tour that has to do with your very presence on this unique island that changed history. What you can't appreciate until you get there (and until I bring it to your attention) are the contrasts between Tinian then and Tinian now. Seventy-five years ago, this little island was home to THE BUSIEST AIR FIELD IN THE WORLD. Only clients of a certain age, perhaps, and a certain worldview can appreciate the significance of the things I'll point out to you when you stand on that soil today. Some clients have been moved emotionally by the experience.


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Saipan plus Tinian

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