Here's My Unique & Popular Refund Policy!

 My Refund Policy

I don't believe my guests should be penalized for weather conditions, accidents, catastrophies, airline cancellations or even their own late-in-the-process decision to cancel! That's why I have a 100% NO FEE REFUND POLICY! If you've prepaid (even years in advance) but need to cancel at ANY time--even up to the morning of the tour--you will NOT be penalized! Sure, there are costs of doing business that I may incur. However, based on my experience, opinion and philosophy, (a) cancellations are rare, so I consider it just a risk of doing business, (b) it's only money, I'll make more, and most importantly, (c) in life's big picture, it's not all that serious!

*I'd only charge a client if he/she were to cancel on the MORNING OF THE TOUR, and only if I've ALREADY driven the rental vehicle off the car rental company's lot; In a case like that, I'd charge what the rental company charges me--typically less than $75 depending on the vehicle).

Here's what one client wrote on Tripadvisor (unprompted by me) when such a scenario played out during a canceled cruise ship visit:

Three Rivers, Michigan
100% Trustworthy
Review of Discover Saipan
Reviewed August 8, 2017
Ever wonder what would happen to your online booking payment if your trip was canceled at the last minute? It happened to me and I certainly was glad I had booked my tour with Walt Goodrich, Discover Saipan. Our cruise ship could not dock because of bad weather. Would our very large tour group get a refund? Even though this cancellation undoubtedly caused him and his team big problems and a lot of cash out-of-pocket, Walt was very gracious. I was impressed by his handling of the situation and his follow through. If booking tours over the Internet makes you the least bit uneasy, choose Discover Saipan. Everything about this business is first-class! You are in good hands with Walt!

Date of experience: February 2017

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