Discover the history and the mystery of Saipan!

 The “Saipan in a Day” Tour

Experience the culture, history and amazing beauty of Saipan in an 8:45am to 5pm tour of the entire island! Secret spots that tourists typically never see! Meet locals! Drive through neighborhoods! Ask anything! The more questions you ask, the more fun you'll have!

Choose from these tour options:

World War II Pilgrimage

Tinian to Hiroshima Tour

Cruise Ship Excursion

Amelia Earhart Mystery

Saipan plus Tinian

Guam Tour

“Saipan in a Day” Tour

“Escape from America”

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A few weeks ago, a former workshop attendee and coaching client revealed that she nominated me to be considered for this year’s Governor’s Humanities Award here on Saipan. I thanked her, but I didn’t really believe I qualified because...(read why at