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 Saipan Cruise Ship Shore Excursion

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• Saipan: February 19, 2024 (Holland America's Zuiderdam)
Interested in this date and tour? CLICK HERE TO EMAIL ME with any questions or prepay below! I may also be able to arrange a similar tour for your Feb 18 arrival on Guam. Please let me know if interested.
Duration: Approx 8am to 4pm
Cost: $169/person
Prepay: (3 options)
100% fully refundable (no fees) if canceled for any reason!
1. Prepay on my site
2. Zelle (+3.5% proc.fee = $175 total) to
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Duration: Approx 8am arrival time to 1 hour before "All Aboard!"
Cost: please inquire
Important Cruise Ship Details:
Your tour begins the moment we pick you up at the dock, until we drop you off from half-hour to an hour before the ship leaves. (We've been doing this for years, so you can rest assured, you won't miss the cruise ship's departure). That standard tour option puts you in vans of 12-15 passengers, each van has its own driver/guide, and we tour the island as a convoy. I participate and oversee so that all goes smoothly.
As cruise ship arrivals are a once-a-year (or less) event on Saipan, we typically arrange tours months in advance. We request full pre-payment (change the quantity for the number of people you are paying for). Don't worry, though, the payment is 100% REFUNDABLE should you cancel or if the ship does not dock for any reason. (We actually had such a situation a few years ago. Here's what one customer wrote (unsolicited) on about her experience getting her refund.
If your arrival date is not listed, please email me at walt@discoversaipan and request to be added to the list for the next cruise ship arrival on Saipan! (Please indicate date of arrival!)
(Subject to change due to weather conditions)

• *American Memorial Park Visitor Center & Historical display
• *Court of Honor memorial
• Chamorro/Carolinian memorial
• *Documentary "An Island Called Saipan"
• Pillbox at Puchot Minton point
• *Japanese tank on bunker at Red Beach; First major tank battle of Pacific war
• *famous Sherman tank in lagoon
• Susupe Lake
• Former Saipan Garment factory district
• *Yellow Beach (First landing beach; view of Tinian)
• Voice of America compound
• Coral Ocean Point
• *Ladder Beach
• *Obyan Beach large circular bunker + great scenery
• *As Lito Airfield outdoor relics (tank, power plant, torpedo, anti-aircraft guns)
• *Bomb Magazine
• Air raid shelter
• Lau Lau Bay golf course overlook (Greg Norman designed)
• *Forbidden Island overlook
• Mount Tapotchau (highest point on island)
• *Banzai Cliff (war related; also with spectacular view)
• *Suicide Cliff (war related, also with spectacular view)
• *Bird Island
• *Last Command Post
• Japanese Light House

A few shots from previous shore excursions

Photos by Ferdinand Ramos
The crew-for-the-day and I meet you at the dock!

Arrange yourselves how you wish!

After a brief orientation, we see the sights and sites!

We can stop along the way for snacks if you wish!

We go places the big buses can't!

The convoy makes its way around the entire island

Historic sites, breathtaking sights!

Explanations and commentary along the way

Saipan's place in history

The ladies of Holland America's Statendam!

But wait! There's more!

I strive to invite and involve "special guest" guides, local luminaries, cultural experts and other cool people to make your tour experience one-of-a-kind and the envy of the other cruise ship passengers who were not fortunate enough to stumble upon my site before their arrival! Here are a few:
A previous year's crew feature Chamorro cultural expert, John Castro (2nd from left) and Carolinian community elder and master navigator, Lino Olopai (orange shirt)

Lino shares his knowledge


During another year's tour, long-time Saipan resident since 1979, former Acting Attorney General, and private practice attorney Joe Hill shared his knowledge of CNMI history.
Attorney Joe Hill (floral shirt) educates the crowd
Attorney Joe Hill and tour passengers at Sugar King Park


During another year's tour, I was able to treat our guests to Robert H.Hunter, former Executive Director of the CNMI Museum, now Secretary of DCCA (Department of Community and Cultural Affairs!

Secretary of DCCA, Robert Hunter, shares his knowledge at Susupe Lake

We also organize tours of Guam!

Choose from these tour options:

World War II Pilgrimage

Tinian to Hiroshima Tour

Cruise Ship Excursion

Amelia Earhart Mystery

Saipan plus Tinian

Guam Tour

“Saipan in a Day” Tour

“Escape from America”

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