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It all started with the We Love Saipan site and blogger movement. This unique site features contributions and photos from over two dozen residents-turned-bloggers offering their personal testimonials on why they love living on Saipan, Tinian or Rota!

Retiring? Escaping the rat race? Considering relocating to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands? This is a site that offers a must-have guide that will prepare you for everything from taxes, to job hunting and even vegan living—if that’s your thing!

The site for the book Chicken Feathers & Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan by Chun Yu Wang & Walt Goodridge. Read the book that shone a light on the little-known internal operations of what was once a billion-dollar industry on Saipan!

Walt’s Jamaican on Saipan chronicles his escape from the rat race on the US mainland to this 13-mile by 5-mile island in the middle of the Pacific. Read how he almost didn’t make it, the grand arrival, first few months and more!

A group of activists on Saipan succeeded in getting the George W. Bush administration to designate a swath of ocean as a marine national monument. This site serves as a permanent online documentation of that effort.

For five years, Walt wrote “The Saipanpreneur Project,” a weekly column featuring business tips, motivation as well as profiles of local entrepreneurs—published in the Saipan Tribune. This is an archive of all 200+ articles!

As an ardent—some would say “fanatic”—vegan, Walt launched a buyer’s group of like-minded residents who share information, inspiration, ideas, cooking demos and recipes.

Walt’s “Little Flights of Fancy” Writer’s Workshops are not only inspiring writers, but have succeeded in creating several published authors. The workshop has been presented on Saipan, Tinian and Guam!

When crayon manufacturer, Crayola, announced it was replacing Dandelion (yellow) with a new shade of blue and were taking suggestions for the new name, Walt reserved the domain and launched a campaign in an effort to immortalize Saipan’s stunning blue waters with place in the crayon boxes of the world!

It started with a simple tour request from a visiting doctor, and became a passion project offering private, personalized tours of the islands and brought Walt and his expertise to the attention of authors, documentary producers, Asian travel channels, scientists, video makers, World War II veterans and their families who wanted to discover Saipan too!

Offering activities and hotel reservations for visitors to the island

You can find tour apps, books and more in this new site focusing on tourism on in the CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands)

Read the story of Battle of Saipan veteran Lloyd Glick’s return to Saipan after 75 years with his wife, Judy. Read the unique gift Walt created for Lloyd that was presented to the 95-year-old visitor at ceremonies on Saipan as well as on Guam!

One of Walt’s writer workshop graduates, Riza fulfilled her dream of being a published author and has been interviewed on television in the Philippines and her books are featured in stores on Saipan as well as in the mainland US!

The “Little Flights of Fancy” world tour lands on Guam and shares the philosophy and strategy that has already created published authors in the US mainland and Saipan.

This site offers visitors a way to hire licensed, English-speaking guides for their tours of Guam.

This somewhat dormant site was launched with the intenation of offering and arranging flights and multi-day stays on the northern island of Pagan.

The Olomwaay band, featuring Gus Kaipat, is a popular band with several local hits. This is their website.

After Category-5, Super Typhoon Yutu, Walt launched GoFundMe campaign to generate support to help several people who were displaced when their homes were destroyed. The campaign was able to help a few people. Watch the presentation of checks.

Walt’s Escape from America!

Read the first few blog entries documenting Walt’s escape from America, welcome on Saipan and first few experiences on island!



Walt’s “Saipan-specific” books include aWorld War II biography, a relocation guide, Amelia Earhart, the garment industry, relocation and more! See more


T-shirts, mugs, clocks and more with Saipan-themed images and icons available on Redbubble.


Especially now during the pandemic, Walt’s DiscoverSaipan, DiscoverTinian and DiscoverRota tour apps may be the best way to experience the islands until things return to normal!

Walt's Saipan-Specific Video Resumé
Promoting the CNMI for over a decade!
(the sequel to the "What's it Like..." interview)

"Since arriving here on Saipan in February of 2006, I've launched and/or participated in some great projects large and small, and met some great people! We've helped a lot of people, had a lot of fun, and even helped some folks earn a little money!
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0:33 Introduction
2:01 SECTION • Saipan-Specific Creations Walt has written a slew of Saipan-specific books, websites, mobile phone apps and designs for t-shirts and merchandise!
2:06 Books
4:09 Websites
6:03 Apps & Merchandise

7:01 SECTION • Helping Others Walt has conducted workshops, visited schools, created health groups in an effort to help others
7:05 Workshops
13:49 School visits
14:15 Health&Wellness

15:41 SECTION • Showcasing Saipan to the World From the Saipanpreneur Project to the "What's it Like to Be Jamaican on Saipan" interview, walt has showcased the best of Saipan in his Saipan Tribune column, 3rd party documentaries and books, websites, tours and in the media!
15:45 Saipanpreneur Project
16:08 Saipan Documentaries & Books
17:35 Jamaican on Pagan
19:03 Tourism (clients, cruises, vets, authors, researchers, filmmakers)
23:49 Media Appearances

26:37 SECTION • Community Involvement & Activism Walt has launched crowdfunding campaigns and petitions, co-created a platform for bloggers, volunteered for community movements and launched the first Speech & Essay contest as part of the CNMI's annual Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration.
26:43 Campaigns (GoFundMe,
28:02 Community Matters (Bloggers & Tree Huggers)
31:20 MLK Day annual commemoration
36:08 Closing (patience)

August 30, 2021: "What's it Like Being a Jamaican on Saipan?"
An interview by Xavier Murphy of JAMAICANS.COM

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00:32 - What part of Jamaica are you from?
2:05 - How did you end up in Saipan?
5:33 - What are the people like in Saipan?
9:49 - What languages are spoken?
14:39 - Are there any interesting customs?
18:44 - What is dating like?
23:38 - What is it like being Black there?
26:53 - How do people react when they find out you are Jamaican?
32:09 - What is the food like?
40:51 - What attractions do you recommend visiting?
43:44 - What is the cost of living like?
46:10 - How do we find you online?
51:07 - What is the first thing you are doing when you land in Jamaica?
53:42 - Does Amazon ship there?
54:40 - How do you say goodbye in Saipan?

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Breaking News from Walt:

A few weeks ago, a former workshop attendee and coaching client revealed that she nominated me to be considered for this year’s Governor’s Humanities Award here on Saipan. I thanked her, but I didn’t really believe I qualified because...(read why at