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2019 marks the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Saipan (tshirts, mugs and more)
Arrange special tours, order merchandise and commemorative booklets and coins at http://www.discoversaipan.com.

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This prepayment link was created for cruise ship visitors to reserve a seat on the day's tour.) Cilck on the green "add to cart" link to proceed.

Important Cruise Ship Details: As cruise ship arrivals are a once-a-year event on Saipan, we typically arrange tours way in advance. Right now, we already have several groups signed up for our complete island tour (culture/scenery/history) that begins the moment we pick you up at the dock, until we drop you off from half-hour to an hour before the ship leaves. (We've been doing this for years, so you can rest assured, you won't miss the cruise ship's departure). That standard option puts you in vans of 15 passengers, each van has its own driver/guide, and we tour the island as a convoy. I participate and oversee so that all goes smoothly. That option is $149 + 5% admin/person. = $156.00

We request full pre-payment (change the quantity for the number of people you are paying for.) The payment is 100% REFUNDABLE should you cancel or if the ship does not dock for any reason. (We actually had such a cancellation a few years ago. Here's what one customer wrote (unsolicited) on Tripadvisor.com about her experience getting her refund.

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Select one or more PERSONALIZED tours of SAIPAN, TINIAN or ROTA:

Battle of Saipan / World War II Pilgrimage (ask about private collections)

Saipan in a Day / Amelia Earhart Tour

Tinian to Hiroshima Tour

Rota "Castaway" Tour

Relocation Tour

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