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 Virtual Tours via Facebook Live!

SUBJECT: Live, Real Time, Virtual Tours via Facebook Live! - hi, past (and future) tour clients!

You may be aware that as part of my "WWII Pilgrimage" and "Saipan in a Day" tours, I typically include a visit to a very unique private collection of Battle of Saipan/Tinian relics as well as indigenous artifacts at the home-museum of a Fabian I, a local resident (you can check out a tour overview and a short selection of photos here:
Well, in light of current travel restrictions and general uncertainty, Fabian has agreed to open up his collection to virtual tours! He's already conducted a few via Facebook Live with great feedback!
• Live! Real Time! We'll connect at the appointed time via Facebook Live private connection (or Skype or other platform). Fabian and I will be there to answer any questions!
• You're the director! "Hey Walt, pan left please! Can you give me a close-up of that mortar? Could you pick it up and read the marking right above the fin assembly?" No request is too unusual (I hope!)!
• The private collection tour is approximately 2 hours
• Other types of tours available. (Outdoor; Cultural, etc.) Just ask!
• If you're doing research and wish to view relics and artifacts of a specific type, please let me know in advance.
• Payment accepted via debit/credit card, Paypal or Zelle.

If interested in learning more, please email me at or request a tourfor more details
Walt F.J. Goodridge
Jamaican on Saipan

P.S. Fabian has indicated he can be available as early as 9:00am ChST (Chamorro Standard Time), which is 7pm EDT and 4pm PDT on the US mainland. There may be some flexibility.

A Private Collection

B29 propellers, coke bottle, prewar railroad tracks and much more B29 propellers, coke bottle, prewar railroad tracks and much more!
Bullet ridden canteens, guns...
Bullet ridden canteens, guns...
helmets, pistols...
helmets, pistols...
Medicine bottles, coins, dishes...
Medicine bottles, coins, dishes...
Battle of Saipan relic hunter
Battle of Saipan relic hunter" Fabian I, and to a B-29 propeller

Tour Client Videos: visitors comment on their visit to this unique private collection

If not visible, download here
If not visible, download here
If not visible, download here

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