Who is Walt Goodridge?
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"Once upon a time, there was a civil engineer who hated his job, followed his passion, s tarted a sideline business publishing his own "how to" e-books, made enough money to quit his job, ran away to a tropical island in the South Pacific, and started a tourism business so he could give tours of the island to pretty girls every day!"

A Columbia University graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in civil engineering, Walt was, like many people, destined for a career in his profession of training. In fact, immediately after graduating, he accepted a job working in the Design Division of the Port Authority Engineering department on the 73rd floor of World Trade Center One. However, within the first fifteen minutes of this his first job in corporate America, Walt, frustrated by the monotony, restrictions of nine-to-five employment, realized beyond the shadow of a doubt, that he absolutely hated it!

It was several years until he was able to grow his sideline business in the music industry--a personal passion--and walk away from his career to become a full-time "passionpreneur." He authored several books on the music industry, created a brand of inspiration called "Life Rhymes," and launched dozens of websites, and unique products.

As he honed his experience and expertise in website development, internet marketing, creating the life of his dreams, and living true to himself, he developed a unique "Passion Profit Philosophy and Formula" and a coaching practice to help others do the same. In 1999, he published the formula in Turn Your Passion into Profit which, with yearly updates, has consistently sold in the top 50 in home-business books on Amazon.com.

In 2006, through a friend who had visited and raved about his experience, Walt "discovered" Saipan, booked a one-way ticket, and 2 months later, escaped from New York to live his nomadpreneur dream on this pacific island paradise.

Once here, and wanting to be a part of the re-branding of Saipan's image, he conceived of and launched the WeLoveSaipan.com website, then 20 additional sites devoted to showing the world the often overlooked images and impressions of Saipan and the CNMI (Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands).

Walt writes a weekly business column for the Saipan Tribune entitled " The Saipanpreneur Project." He has written Doing Business on Saipan to further encourage entrepreneurial activity on the island, and, with former garment factory worker Chun Yu Wang, co-authored Chicken Feathers and Garlic Skin: Diary of a Chinese Garment Factory Girl on Saipan and is the founder of Destination Saipan Marketing, Inc.

Walt was recognized by official CNMI Senate Resolution No. 15-54 for his invaluable contributions to Saipan, its residents and economy.

Walt currently owns and operates over 50 websites, has written a total of 15 books, over 400 articles and almost 500 motivational poems.

Walt is originally from the island of Jamaica, and, you can read about his first year and impressions of his new island home in the book Jamaican on Saipan!