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There's Something About Saipan!

A visitor's guide to fantastic facts, tantalizing trivia, startling statistics, dramatic diaries and hair-raising history from America's most colorful island territory
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(Chinese edition coming soon!)
"Thanks for authoring this! Delightful for its light and personal style. It is full of stuff I hadn’t known." -- Richard B., future resident
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The Western Pacific
Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. It's a US territory in the western Pacific....next door to Guam!

Saipan: a true melting pot!
Well, now you can discover Saipan for yourself with this insightful, sometimes irreverent, occasionally politically incorrect look at the life, love, legend and lore on the island of Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.
Birth tourism on Saipan
Cliff Fishing on Rota
Tourists from Asia return season after season. US mainlanders come for a week and end up never leaving! Men and women come and find the loves of their lives. Others decide to raise their families here. Retirees see it as the perfect place to spend their golden years. Yes, there's something about Saipan that endears it to visitors and residents alike.
Many colonial and cultural influences
But what is it exactly? Is it the Guinness Book of World Records weather? Is it the Spanish, German, Japanese and US colonial influences? Is it the world-changing WWII history? Is it the warm, welcoming indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian people? Is it the unique mix of guest workers and expats from all over the world? Is it the special, possibly magical. energetically enhanced proximity to the Marianas Trench? Is it a combination of all these or something as yet unidentified? Perhaps you'll be the one to find it!
If you happen to live on Saipan, you know it's true! There's just something about Saipan, but how can you explain it all to friends and family back home? To really understand, they'd need to know a bit about Chamorro and Carolinian history, and the colonial eras, and WWII, and the CW (Contract Worker) Program, and the garment factories, and... oh, forget it, it'll take too long! Well, now there's a solution: hand them a copy of There's Something About Saipan! A visitor's guide to fantastic facts, tantalizing trivia, startling statistics, dramatic diaries and hair-raising history from America's most colorful island territory! Problem solved!
Napalm bombs on Tinian
It's like a "Saipan for Dummies" or a "CliffsNotes for Saipan" primer!
Each page offers a concise, illustrated summary of over 120 unique “somethings” about Saipan! It's an insightful, often irreverent, occasionally politically incorrect virtual tour of life,
The Amelia Earhart connection
love, legend and lore in the Northern Mariana Islands through historical, cultural, environmental, economic, political, military, even geological facts, fictions, truths and tales that make Saipan, Tinian and Rota unique...and not just among US territories! Discover and share all the things that make for a fun, memorable tour/introduction to these islands:

▢ History and hearsay
▢ Facts and fiction
▢ Scandals and controversy
▢ Tour site descriptions
▢ Fun graphics and historical photos
▢ PLUS: A suggested itinerary checklist
▢ AND sources for further research

The best introduction and overview of Saipan, Tinian and Rota you'll find!
Created by author and part-time Saipan tour guide, Walt Goodridge, as a supplement/takeaway for his "Saipan in a Day" WWII/Amelia Earhart tours of the islands, it features, as he says, "about one-seventh" of the commentary and conversation he weaves into his tours of the standard tour sites as well as off-the-beaten-path adventures! If you can't make it to Saipan, then this may be the next best thing! If you CAN make it, then discover the other six-sevenths of Walt's tours at www.discoversaipan.com!
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PAPERBACK: $9.95 + $3.59shipping (continental US)
EBOOK (PDF): $7.95 (download immediately)

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Also Available!

What this is: With all the renewed interest in the Saipan connection to Amelia Earhart's and Fred Noonan's fate, I've created an expanded tour guide booklet for those who've taken my WWII/Amelia tours, those who have yet to, and those who are simply fascinated by her story!
This 26-page tour supplement includes
• Contemporary photos of sites on Saipan seen during your Amelia Earhart tour
• The story, as told by Marshall island and Saipan residents
• Lockheed Electra facts and trivia
• Photos of Japanese era Saipan (what Amelia saw)
• The controversial Jaluit Atoll photograph
• Facts and trivia about life on Saipan then and now
• Photo Gallery of Amelia from infancy to adulthood
• plus: the expanded version of the "Real Story" article/infographic I created for the Marianas Variety
See the Variety article here

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