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The World War II Battle of Saipan Pilgrimage Tour

Visit landing beaches (Yellow, Red, Blue, Green), touch relics, tanks, bunkers, torpedos, unexploded ordnance, bomb magazines and more in this full day tour.

Return to this exact spot (photo: June, 1944) and see what it looks like today
Inside a Japanese air raid shelter
Japanese tank along Beach Road

A Private Collection

B29 propellers, coke bottle, prewar railroad tracks and much more!
Bullet ridden canteens, guns...
helmets, pistols...
Medicine bottles, coins, dishes... "Battle of Saipan relic hunter" Fabian I, and me..next to a B-29 propeller

Tour Client Videos: visitors comment on their visit to this unique private collection

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Ho Chi from Hong Kong

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Select one or more PERSONALIZED tours of SAIPAN, TINIAN or ROTA:

Battle of Saipan / World War II Pilgrimage(ask about private collections)

Saipan in a Day / Amelia Earhart Tour

Tinian to Hiroshima Tour

Rota "Castaway" Tour

Relocation Tour

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